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Top 2014 Development Projects Kindheart Lionheart Media Co.

1.  Launch Crowdfund! The American Dream TV show in collaboration with Clifford Cohen, Go Go Luckey Productions and CNBC.
2.  Expand membership in The Kindheart Lionheart Book Inspirational Book Club –
3.  Launch CALIFORNIA LOVE online TV program – inspiring and humorous stories of romantic love.
4.  Expand listeners of The Kindheart Lionheart Radio Show and viewers of The Kindheart Lionheart YouTube Channel.
5.  Fully launch Radio Veronica USA the online radio station that allows listeners to crowdfund into the publishing rights of songs –
6.  Publish Dolphin Smiles:  The Legend of Kindheart Lionheart the fictional inspirational book – develop into a screenplay.
7.  Begin development of modernized re-make of the inspirational 1968 Oscar winning film Charly: Flowers for Algernon.
8.  Help increase revenues for our partnership company Koffeehouse Music
9.  Accelerate the growth of Cal-X Stars incubating company RightClearing the music licensing made easy company.
10.  Expand revenues for singer songwriter Ana Free.
11.  Working with Cal-X Crowdfund Connect and TubeStart build a variety of crowdfunding resources for artists of all type – filmmakers, TV show content creators/producers, writers and musicians.
12.  Begin development of screenplay for movie based on the life of Ava Gardner.
13.  Expand promotional partnership with Origin “Conscious Culture Movement” Magazine –
14.  Expand promotional partnership with Intelligence for Life syndicated radio program – – try to get Kindheart Lionheart Radio program in their lineup.
15.  Develop abstract versions of top inspirational books for Kindheart Lionheart book club members without time to read full books.

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