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Startup Media Support Services

Kindheart Lionheart Media Co. Startup Support Services

  • Company video production.
  • PR campaign building including PR Hacking.
  • Social media compaign.
  • Web site development.
  • YouTube channel development.
  • Get in Pitch TV Shows and Events.
  • Improve your pitch video and pitch slide deck.
  • Develop your newsletter.
  • Trade show planning and management.
  • Building your story.
  • Marketing and advertising campaign development.
  • Brand development.
  • Content marketing.
  • Blog development.
  • Educational seminars development.

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L.A. Story: Santa Monica Takes the Startup World by Storm | Sheryll ……/la-story-santa-monica-tak_b_4577014.html‎

“In the modern age, whether we like it or not, all companies are media companies. No matter how great a product you have if the story doesn’t get heard by the people who need to hear it, it doesn’t get traction and off the ground. There’s no better place at crafting stories in the modern media world than Los Angeles.”  Howard Leonhardt as quoted in The Huffington Post

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We can help your startup gain product placement on online TV shows, music videos, cable and network TV shows, movie trailers and movies!


Example of an emotional high impact corporate video written & produced by our team..


Leonhardt Ventures' World Medical Mfg. Corp. "There is Something Special About This Team!" Video 1999 from Howard Leonhardt on Vimeo.

From 1997 to 1999 World Medical Mfg. Corp. grew from under 50 employees to over 2000 with the introduction of the TALENT stent graft and April of 1998 merger with Arterial Vascular Engineering, Inc. of Santa Rosa, CA. In early 1999 Medtronic, Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota completed an acquisition of the merged companies valued at $3.7 billion in stock and $600 million cash. This video was created by Howard Leonhardt the Founder and CEO of World Medical Mfg. Corporation. The main purpose was to use it as a recruiting tool for new people to join the team as TALENT (Taheri-Leonhardt) stent graft and other peripheral vascular product sales for AVE World Medical were expected to grow from $20 million to $800 million following FDA approval (which is what did occur). The TALENT stent graft (now renamed Valiant) still today remains the No. 1 selling stent graft worldwide. The Leonhardt Ventures' World Medical Team also developed and patented in that time period the first stem cell delivery catheters – PRO-CELL and the first PERCUTANEOUS HEART VALVE.

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Just Send a Script – If You Do Not Have One We Can Write One from Your Existing Promo Materials and Web Site

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