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Introduction to Dolphin Smiles: The Legend of Kindheart Lionheart

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       On May 24th, 1997 (Nikki’s birthday) Sandy sees Nikki for the first time ever in the Paris airport and he believes he has seen his soul mate.   He fumbles a croissant as he gets up to try to speak with her and by the time he picks it up she is gone presumably never to be seen again.  He searches the airport to no avail.  His only hope is that she is on the same flight to Miami. He watches each passenger board but no Nikki. The stewardess announces there is one more passenger coming and to hold the door.  He is sure it is her.  The passenger arrives and it is not her and the door slams shut.  In a sense of panic he gets up to ask the stewardess to leave the closed plane.  As he gets up to do so he sees her sitting 9 rows back on the aisle and sits back down.  They meet that day and exchange beliefs and intimate details of their lives.  He is writing a book and inserts her in as the main female character.  After this special shared day in route from Paris to Miami they do not see or hear from each other for 12 years.

After reuniting 12 years later the two develop a friendship and a working partnership. The story then takes some incredible dramatic turns which eventually has Sandy reincarnated after death as a Dolphin.  The story actually begins with Sandy the Dolphin trying to get Nikki’s attention as she teaches a class bay side in Florida.  When his fellow dolphins ask him why is he trying so hard to get that lady’s attention.  He then goes into the long narration of his previous human life and how he came to be in that spot. The story of the human life provides lessons in spirituality, joy, love, the power of gratitude as well as bootstrapping entrepreneurship, innovation and a new political order. This is more than anything a love story that attempts to transcend the ultimate obstacle of death but it is also an adventure text that brings life lessons in nearly each and every page.  No one will leave this book without a mark being left on their life.  Early on, Sandy claims that theirs may be either a tragedy or a love story, depending on the perspective. Ultimately, the judgment is up to readers, be they cynics or romantics. For the latter, this will be a weeper.


Chapter 1 – Bayside Florida Nikki Teaches

Chapter 2 – Kindheart Dolphin Begins Narration of Human Life
Chapter 3 – Human struggle from beginning – A Miracle
Chapter 4 – Closer to You – Pretending – The Lesson of Gratitude
Chapter 5 – Teasing Marty – The Lesson of Joy of Learning
Chapter 6 – Jose Gets Deported – The Lesson of America
Chapter 7 – Football hero – The Lesson of Sports
Chapter 8 – The Lesson of the Hungry Dog
Chapter 9 –  The Promise Made – The Lesson of Childhood Joy
Chapter 10 – Marv’s Pain – The Lesson of Jobs
Chapter 11 – The Slip – The Lesson of Humility
Chapter 12 – Inventor – The Lesson of Innovation
Chapter 13 – Entrepreneur – The Lesson of Entrepreneurship
Chapter 14 – Meeting Nikki  – Life lights up
Chapter 15 – Giving back – The Lesson of Joy of Giving
Chapter 16 – Failing at Courting – The Lesson of Relationships
Chapter 17 – A Higher Cause – The Lesson of Public Service
Chapter 18 – Big Money – The Lesson of Harsh Realities in Politics
Chapter 19 – Failing at Courting II – The Lesson of Relationships
Chapter 20 – Enemies Arise – The Lesson of Intolerance
Chapter 21 – Remembering The Promise – The Lesson of Loving Kindness
Chapter 22 – Love at Last – The Lessons of Life and Love
Chapter 23 – The Quest to Reunite – The Lesson of Determination
Chapter 24 – Oil Spill! – The Lesson of Protecting the Environment
Chapter 25 – Justice – The Lesson of Karma
Chapter 26 – Love at Last II – The Lessons of Life and Love II
Ending – A manifesto for mankind “Be kind to each other.  Every person craves affection, it is in our blood from birth.  Be full of gratitude for every single minute of life.  See the good in people and situations.  Live in a constant state of amazing joy.”